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Hints for Packing

These hints for packing will help you to keep your valuable possessions safe during relocation. The chances of damage are reduced, if professional movers do the packing, though you can save a lot of money, if you do most of the packing yourself.

It is preferable to pack items that are not expensive or fragile, yourself. Movers will not be accountable for items they did not pack.

Look for professional quality moving boxes and supplies and always order some extra boxes. Padded moving boxes with dividers will protect your fragile china dishes and mattress cartons will protect your mattresses from dirt and tears.

You can use newspaper to wrap things and get boxes for free from the supermarket, to pack inexpensive items.

Used boxes may be dirty and not be as strong as new, professional quality moving and packing supplies, which are more suitable for packing fragile and expensive items.

Separate fragile items with towels, pillows, sheets, blankets, bubble wrap or crumpled old newspaper, to avoid movement during the relocation. Plates and glass objects need to be packed vertically, rather than horizontally.

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and try to keep the weight of each box below 50 pounds, to make it easy to lift. Lift with your knees, to avoid injury.

Pack items like family heirlooms, jewelry and hobby collections yourself and carry them with you, when you move. They may be priceless to you.

Never pack hazardous materials, like fireworks, ammunition, paint, thinner, varnish, fuel, oil, propane, bleach and aerosol cans.

Pack the contents of one room at a time and keep all the boxes in a room that is close to the door. Group boxes with similar contents together and make a master list of all the boxes, with the number, contents and destination.

Pack rugs last of all, so they may be the first to be unloaded and laid out in your new home.

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