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How do agents get paid?

Moving Companies

is a company that helps you move your business. Or household goods from one place to another place. Their relocation services include all the offers like. Making an inventory of the stuff, packing. Loading in order, safely unloading, securely unpacking. And arranging the containers to  shift. There may  some additional services include cleaning of the houses. Offices and storage places. In the U.S. the cost of shifting your stuff is determine by the distance to the moving place. Time of the year, and the weight of the items. And how quickly you want them to shift. A Flat-Rate policy is offered by some of the moving companies.


Usually, people in this business can earn $13.22 per hour on an average. Nationwide. This pay scale is influenced by the specific company. Experience level, or an area. Medical benefits are also given to these movers as they usually earn one-tenth of dental coverage. And less than one-fifth of other general expenses. The majority of employees in this business claims a great level of satisfaction with their job. Salary according to their work experience is a positive. And really a great trend. The basis of the salary details provided by the anonymous movers. A fresher mover/agent can expect to earn an average total of $28,000. This average total includes overtime payment. Bonus, and tips. An experienced mover with 5-10 years of experience. May earn a total average of $32,000 and an employee with 10 to 20 years. Of experience can expect to earn $35,000 on an average.


Generally, movers or the moving agents who help you in shifting your household. Or corporate stuff to a new place work. For the sub-contractors of large corporations or the moving companies. Or with the people who may have their own business. Of Packers and Movers within the city or outside the city. Usually, these agents work on teams and to moving goods they are required to drive in addition. Often, the employees of the moving agents prefer the experienced movers in the industry but sometimes they may also  willing to train the people who are fresher to this field.

For this position, generally a specific diploma or degree is required and excellent communication skills and exceptional customer services are equally important. Applicants must know the Motor Vehicle Rules and must pass the basic background rules that may include even drug-screening. The employers generally prefer dependable, honest, and trustworthy applicants. The movers must understand the written and verbal company policies and must  able to follow every step and instruction closely. The movers should also  able to work closely on a team with other moving agents.


must  able to handle heavy goods while loading and unloading, to safely move from one place to another and to pack and unpack the other household belongings. Additionally, they can also assist the truck drivers with the inventory of moving stuff and with truck inspections. Many of the times, the movers who are working with the big corporations may need to travel out of the city to shift the goods. They should also  flexible with the working hours as they may also  need on weekends or after the traditional business working hours. Movers may also work part-time or full-time basis.

Important tasks of the Movers

Your moving agents have a number of responsibilities other than just packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking the customer’s goods. Movers are responsible for more than shifting your stuff from place to place. It is very important to understand what their exact responsibilities are. By knowing the duties of your moves in advance, you can sure about their work and what you have expected from them.

  1. Prepare the furniture and other material for safe and secure transportation.
  2. Use your physical capabilities to carry and lift heavy materials.
  3. Properly pack and unpack the items in the truck and help the clients set up their storage, office, and homes.
  4. Providing you the booklet with proper instructions and details about their services. This booklet aims to protect customers with their rights and responsibilities.


  1. Agents should provide you a document with details of the company’s policies.
  2. A document with an outline of the procedure of the company to file the disputes and damages.
  3. A proper chart that involved all the charges explaining clearly what they are for.
  4. To make a list to keep track of all the goods to organizing and creating a proper loading order.
  5. The movers will also responsible to make sure to sign the proper contract regarding the shifting.
  6. The movers have to use the proper dollies and goods to unload your goods safely from the truck.

The process of shifting also involves buying or finding the packing materials like cardboards, containers, tapes, sizes, papers, bubble wrap to protect fragile items and making sure to carry and stack the items on the day of shifting.

These days, the moving corporations also offer transport insurance that covers the loss and damage to the shipment during the transportation process.


The duties of the movers don’t end when everything is reached to their place, like unpacking the stuff to the new place but the agents also have to collect the payment and make you sign the required documents carefully. At this point, they also have to make sure to do the proper paperwork. After collecting the payments as agreed in advance, the moving agents have to make you sign the bill of lading.

At the end of this guide, we will summarize the point of discussion that how much the moving agents get paid for their work. In simple words, typically the movers get paid between $12 to $14 per hour or $23,000 annually. And on the higher level, the licensed and experienced movers can earn $15 to $16 per hour or annually they can make $26,000. The movers also get bonuses and tips from the clients. So, now you can make a rough estimate, how much the movers can earn if they work 8 hours a day.

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