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Home Repair & Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist put into repairing and cleaning your property is likely to return in a fast sale at an attractive price.

buyers approach your property the first time, impressions are formed quickly.

Paint house – this can do more for sales appeal than any other factor.

Yard – Remove all toys, garbage, garden tools and other items from view.

Mow the and keep edged.

Close garage doors.

Put colorful flowers in front of thee.

Often, the Cleaning Checklist while waiting to let in, the first thing a buyer looks at closely is the front door.

Put new paint on the front door.

Buy a new doormat.

Buyers take a close look at the basement of a home. They will look for bad wiring, leaky pipes and signs of decay.

Clean out the meat and dispose of everything you are not going to move.

Ensure that there is plenty of lighting.

Sweep or vacuum the r.

Stack items neatly against walls.

The kitchen is often the most important room in the house. Make it bright and attractive.

Put a vase of fresh flowers on the table.

Replace curtains or clean existing ones.

Remove appliances from counters.

Create a pleasant fragrance in the kitchen (i.e. vanilla, cinnamon).

It is important that bathrooms are clean, bright and smell fresh.

Install a new shower curtain and replace worn throw rugs.

Polish all fixtures.

Open windows.

Hang bright, fresh towels.

Remove stains from toilets and bathtubs.

Use air fresheners.

Display colorful soaps.

The living room…

Clean out the fireplace and place logs in it.

Polish all woodwork.

Put big furniture in storage so rooms are not cluttered or crowded.

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