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International Movers Guide

How To Choose An International Mover

Today International Movers Guide most consumers shop for price. There’s always a sale somewhere. However, when you are shopping for a moving company to ship your treasured possessions, the first thing you want to shop for is reputation and experience. Use the following guidelines to make an educated choice on what moving companies you will invite into your home to provide estimates for relocation services.


There are many variables that go into an International Move. Origin agents, freight forwarders, International Movers Guide shipping lines, and destination agents all play an important role in assuring a quality move. because the following is a quick guide to what you should expect from your mover. Always check licensing requirements, check with the Better Business Bureau and get references.

International Mover: 

If you have a moving company representative out to your home, here are some important issues to cover:

  • Did the salesperson spend time in the home to explain the packing techniques and types of containers used for international shipping?
  • Is the salesperson familiar with customs requirements for your destination country? Has he/she given you information on documentation, restricted items, firearms/weapons, duties and taxes, and vehicles?
  • Did the salesperson fully explain insurance options and costs for your relocation?
  • Is the salesperson familiar with the operational aspects of your relocation such as the port of exit in the U.S. and the port of entry overseas? Is he/she able to give you transit times? Will the salesperson request “below deck” transportation on the ship?
  • So How quickly did the salesperson respond to your request for a quotation? Is the salesperson a good communicator? Was the salesperson flexible in scheduling the survey? So Does the salesperson return calls in a timely manner? Does the salesperson have E-mail for low-cost overseas communication?

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  • So Did the salesperson give you a competitive price? so he/she explains the relationship of price vs. quality, especially with overseas agents? Was your pricing customized to fit your individual needs? Does the price reflect the quality of service you desire or was the price just offered without discussion of your level of expectation?
  • So Will the salesperson handpick the packing and loading crew? What kind of international experience do the packers and mover possess?So How long have they been employed at their company?
  • Does the salesperson return to the residence on the day of loading to ensure that everything is going smoothly? Will he/she verify all the paperwork in an effort to avoid potential problems overseas?
  • So What repeat international business (corporate customers) does the salesperson work with? If the answer is none, how confident are you that the person knows what they are doing?
  • How much international business will the salesperson book in one year? Are you confident they have the expertise and experience to handle your relocation?
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