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Moving Guide

This general moving guide is meant to provide you with a basic understanding of your options and the actions you need to take, while you are planning your move. Getting organized is the key to an easy and stress-free move.

A local move involves relocation within the same state, while interstate moving involves relocating to another state. You can opt for a full service move, which involves hiring a moving company to pack your belongings and to transport them to your new home.

If you want to save money, you may like to pack everything yourself, load it on a rented truck and drive it to your new home. You can also opt for self serve moving, which involves packing your things yourself and then getting self service movers to transport them to the destination.

A self service move may be slightly more expensive than driving the truck yourself, but it will save you from the fatigue and stress of driving a truck across the country yourself.

Depending on your needs, the moving shipping company will drop off one or more weather-proof crates at your home. You can pack your things in the crates and lock them up.

The household movers will pick up the crates and deliver them at your new home, where you can unpack. Your possessions are kept safe and cannot get mixed up with anyone else’s things.

Some self service moving companies will drive a trailer up to your home and will charge you for the linear feet of space you use.

The selection of the moving service is the single most important decision, which will affect your entire moving experience.

Get moving quotes from at least three professional moving companies and compare their offers, before you select one of them. To get an accurate estimate, provide complete details of everything you want moved to the mover’s agent.

Don’t make the decision only on the basis of price, because some house moving companies offer very low moving quotes to hook customers. Once they have your belongings in their possession, they demand a much higher price. Check to see if there are any hidden charges, before you accept an offer.

Start sorting your possessions in advance and separate the items you don’t want to take with you. You can give them away, donate them to charity or organize a garage sale.

You can give you plants to relatives or friends, or donate them to a charity, a hospital or other organization.

Dispose of all the hazardous materials that are not allow as per federal law.

Make a floor plan of your new home and decide about where you want to keep your furniture.

If you plan to do the packing yourself, look for professional quality moving boxes and supplies, which will keep your valuable possessions safe.

Collect all important documents like wills, deeds, bonds, stock certificates in a folder. Carry the folder and valuables like jewelry with you, when you move.

Collect all receipts for moving expenses in a folder, because many moving expenses are tax deductible.

Make a list of all the people you need to inform about your move. This includes relatives, friends, utility providers, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, accountants, publications, clubs, associations, the Post Office and the IRS.

You can have your car transported by auto movers, or drive it yourself.

You can arrange to have your pets sent by air, or take them with you in the car. Many states will require health certificates and rabies shots for your pets. Attach identification and rabies tags securely.

Settle all outstanding bills and return everything you have borrowed, including library books.

Disconnect and clean all your electronic appliances, at least 24 hours before you move them.

Be present at your home on the day of the move and don’t sign the mover’s inventory without reading it.

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