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Moving With Kids

For kids, the moving experience can be stressful and emotional. It is recommend that before you start organize the move, sit down and talk with your kids. Get their feelings about what’s happening and then explain to them the moving process. Try and calm any fears that they may have. Make the move interactive for the kids. Get them involved, so that they can feel like they have a responsibility and are part of the move. Keep them apprised of the moving process through its entirety. This way, channels of communication remain open at all times. Keep things positive and upbeat, so that your children recognize that the move is a good thing. Let them have input, and try to keep them in mind when you are scheduling your move. If you can, try and do everything you can to make sure that you give your kids enough time to get adjusted to their new home and environment and to make new friends. If it’s unavoidable and you have to move your children at a time that is inconvenient or scary to them, e.g. in the middle of a school year, open all counseling or any other resources to them so that the move can be as painless as possible. For older kids, one of their main concerns will be the friends they are leaving behind. Sit down and figure out plans and ways that they will be able to stay in touch with their friends. You may want to talk to them about making new friends in their new town.


When the moving day comes, try to get your kids involve in getting everything prepare to move, so that you can keep them busy. If they become more of a hindrance than a help. And you may want to take them somewhere else where they can be active for the day, or you may want to consider getting a babysitter to watch them while you get everything organized.

For kids, the moving process can be an emotional and tense time. Communicating with and keeping them involved in the moving process can ease their concerns and get them excited and positive about moving to a new home.

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Moving With Kids
Communication with your kids and getting them involved in the moving process can help ease any fears that your children may have about move.
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