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Packing Materials

It is essential to use Packing Materials the proper types of packing materials and boxes when packing your home. The correct box will be one that is the proper size, shape and material. There are several shapes and sizes of boxes to choose from, and if you are going to pack yourself, you can obtain these boxes and packing materials from your moving agent. Following are the most common sizes/shapes of boxes.


Medium boxes – for items that are heavy, but not as heavy as books. Items such as sheets and towels, board games and large toys

Large boxes – made for lighter and larger items such as pillows, sofa cushions, light blankets and sheets

Book boxes – made for packing heavy items such as books and records

Dish boxes – made specifically for packing dishes, glasses, china glassware, vases and glass/fragile knick knacks. The boxes are designed with thick sides and dividers to keep your breakables safe

Picture boxes – these boxes are shaped to fit flat items such as paintings, mirrors and framed pictures

Wardrobes – these boxes have a metal hanging bar for clothes that you want to move on the hangers

Packing Materials

It is essential to protect your items by using the proper packing materials. These materials include packing paper such as tissue paper, newsprint and bubble wrap. You will also want to use Styrofoam pieces. In addition, you will want a large black marker to label the boxes.

To make unpacking as smooth and hassle free as possible, you should make a list numbering each box and writing what the items are in each box. This way when you are ready to unpack you will know what is in each box. You should also label each box with the area of the house where it should go. For example, write “kitchen,” “bathroom,” “kid’s room,” etc. This way the movers can put the boxes in the proper room and the unpacking will be much faster.

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Moving Advice

When you’re preparing to move, things can seem stressful and frustrating, but if you make a moving checklist, it can help keep things organized and simple. A checklist should be divided into separate categories. It should include an itemized list of the belongings you plan on moving to your new location, the belongings you plan on selling, and the items that you will be throwing away or donating to charity. You checklist should also include a category of all the information and documents that need to be transfer to your new location.

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